Quick Tips To Get Your Small Business Started on Social Media

It would be ironic to write a 2,000-word post on how to write content that's only 280 characters (the length of a Tweet). So instead, I'll offer some short-and-sweet advice for getting your small business or nonprofit started on social media ... with a little help from Matthew McConaughey, King of the South.


Back to School: On Freelancing My Way Through an MFA

Well, how do you like THESE apples: I've been accepted into the MFA program for creative writing at the University of Alabama! What does this mean for my fledgling freelance career?

Real Talk in the Coffee Shop: 3 Downsides of Remote Work, and Why It’s Still Worth The Trouble

For those of us who live and work outside of major media markets, the remote trend makes careers in marketing and business services more viable than those careers were a decade ago. But the digital landscape also presents some real and uncomfortable challenges for creatives, and I'll be honest: I'm still struggling to navigate them. Here are some of the issues I've encountered as a creative freelancer -- and why I think it's still worth trying to make this career work for me. We may work for ourselves, but we're in this together.

So, You Want to Write a Press Release

The press release is one of the most dog-eared pages in every marketer's playbook. It's a simple but powerful beast: You write it, send it a few media contacts, and one or two of them decide to feature your news/brand/event on their outlet. Fame and fortune ensue, right?

5 Tips from Forrest Gump for Getting Freelance Gigs When You’re New in Town

It's hard to get a freelance business off the ground. It's also hard to move to a new town. And it's especially hard to do both of these things AT THE SAME TIME. Thankfully, we have The Gump to guide us.

From Wisconsin to Alabama, by way of Austria

Here's a memory: I was 28 and sitting at a desk, surrounded by three white walls and a below-ground window that overlooked a dark patch of muck. I put up a giant poster of a leaf on one of the walls and told myself that would be enough. I had one neighbor on either side of my office, but both preferred to keep their own doors shut all day long, effectively isolating me in a silent corridor of a dark hall. Occasionally an insect would slip in through the old and flaky window pane, but that was about it for company on most days. I was supposed to be a storyteller, but I had no one to tell ... anything.